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 The Elmgreen Student Council


Our role as Student Council is to give students a voice. We want to make positive changes and have a say in what happens around our school which makes other students happy and successful Elmgreen learners.

What we’ve accomplished to date:

  • Reviewed issues and areas for development at The Elmgreen School.
  • Met with the Headteacher Mr Bergin to discuss areas for development.
  • Attended Senior Team meeting to help implement a junk free school.
  • Launch of Citizencard.
  • Carried out a consultation of school uniform for girls.
  • Lead assemblies to update School Council plans.
  • Met with Claire Douglas who previously worked with MAT team and is currently running a project about Resilience and Mental Health and wanted student feedback for planning.
  • Lead assemblies about Resilience and why it is important.
  • Reviewing the Dietary Requirement needs of staff and students.

Reasons why we enjoy being a School Councillor at The Elmgreen School:

“I enjoy being on the Student Council because it gives me a chance to voice mine and others opinions. It also means that I can have an impact upon the school.” Roshaan Asare

“I enjoy being in Student Council because we get a say in what goes on in the school and we can help make changes from a student’s point of view.” May Myers O’Mulloy

“I enjoy being in Student Council because we get to help other and we get to make changes in the school also we discuss with our school Headteacher.” Janai Johnson

“I enjoy being part of the School Council because I like meeting with other people and trying to make positive changes that make other people happy. Also, the badge is really cool because it gives you responsibility.” Leon Wright

“School Council is great because it helps the school become a better place for the students.” Bilikisu Hassan

“I enjoy attending council meetings and sharing my views and opinions with other members. I also enjoy taking part in assemblies.” Caelan Hullock

“I enjoy being in the School Council because of the fact I have a choice, a choice of what will happen in my future here at the Elmgreen school.” Dulcie Braybrook

“I enjoy being in school council because it gives a great opportunity to have a say about your school and change it so you can have a better experience.” Imogen Strong

“I think that School Council is a really good chance to help improve the school.” Emily Woodward

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