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Elmgreen Learners, Elmgreen Parents and Elmgreen Teachers have a mission:

‘To be an inclusive community working together so that all members achieve above and beyond their potential.’

We achieve this mission through the Elmgreen Way:

‘We look after ourselves; we look after each other; we look after our school; and we look after our community.’


I am an Elmgreen Parent. I promise to ensure that:

  • I do all I can to support the Elmgreen Mission and the Elmgreen Way, so that my child is an Elmgreen Learner
  • My child arrives at school no later than 8.20am
  • My child arrives to school wearing the full Elmgreen uniform and if this does not happen I understand that my child will be sent home to correct this
  • My child brings all of the correct equipment for learning, including their PE kit
  • My child is well rested and has had a healthy breakfast
  • My child attends all detentions on the day they are set and understand that my child cannot be excused from detention
  • I support The Elmgreen School Behaviour Policy and the School’s actions in addressing misbehaviour
  • I regularly check Show My Homework and sign my child’s planner to guarantee that my child completes homework every night
  • I attend all Parents’ Evenings and meetings I am invited to at school and maintain regular contact with my child’s tutor
  • I read all correspondence from the school and respond as appropriate
  • I promptly advise the school of any change in family circumstances affecting my child’s learning
  • I contact the school on the first day of any absence and follow this up with a note in the Planner
  • I work with the school to improve attendance where necessary.


I am an Elmgreen Learner. This means I promise to:

I am an Elmgreen Teacher. This means I promise to:

  • Do all I can to support the Elmgreen Mission and the Elmgreen Way, so that every student is a true Elmgreen Learner
  • Provide a challenging and creative curriculum, which meets students’ individual learning needs
  • Use homework to consolidate or introduce new learning each week
  • Consistently follow The Elmgreen Behaviour Policy
  • Challenge racism, discrimination, bullying and any behaviour which disrupts your learning
  • Recognise and celebrate your success
  • Maintain regular communication in order that there is a relationship of trust between school and home.
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