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Parent and Carers Council


The Parents’ and Carers council is open to any parent or carer of a child at the school. It is a friendly, informal meeting held every term and Mr Bergin, the Headteacher is always there.

The role of the Parent and Carers’ Council is to provide a space where parents and carers can be consulted to help inform and support the school’s planning and where they can also be given advice and information about the school and how best to support their children’s learning. We welcome all parents and carers to come along – you do not need any experience and can simply come and hear what’s going on – but we’d be delighted if you’d like to share your ideas too. To try to ensure that as many people as possible can attend, we hold the meetings at parent-friendly times – on Saturday mornings or Thursday evenings from 7-8.30pm

Governors, staff members and PPF Directors attend as observers, and we often invite members of staff to speak on a particular issue of interest to parents and carers.

The governing body of the school remains the decision making and provider of strategic leadership for the school. The Parent and Carers’ Council is the place for parents and carers to feedback, to raise questions and make suggestions about ways the school could improve. It is not the right place to raise individual complaints and issues. If you have a concern about individual children, families or a teacher please respect their privacy and raise this directly with the school via your child’s tutor. (NB: The school’s complaints policies and methods of resolving disputes or disagreements are all on the school’s website or available from reception).

Parents and Carers Council benefit as follows:-

  • We have a place where we can come together, share ideas and put forward our views to the head teacher and governing body of the school.
  • Our active involvement in decision-making is increased, reinforcing the school’s commitment to working in partnership with parents.
  • We get the support and advice we need to help and encourage our children with their learning.
  • We have more information about our children’s education and the quality of that education.
  • We can build our own confidence, skills and social networks, improving our own personal development and increase our employability.
  • The Parent and Carers council helps to break down barriers, perceived or actual, between the school and parents who are less involved in the school.
  • The Parent and Carers council also helps to improve working relationships between the school and parents who are already involved in the school.

Updates on the matters discussed at each meeting are shared in School News.

If you would like to send us suggestions and comments please use the form below

For more information please contact the school’s Chair of Governors, Kate Scrase on  or Alison Moran, Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the Parents and Carers Council on

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